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Pet Care Brisbane – Testimonials

Pet Care Brisbane – Client Testimonials


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“We just wanted to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation with caring for our beloved animals over Christmas. We were thrilled to see them when we arrived home today, especially in such great condition. They looked happy and healthy and we are genuinely thankful to you for this. Also thank you for the extras of collecting the mail and bringing in our bins. It’s all these things that contribute to us thoroughly enjoying our holiday with our family

Again thank you as words cannot express how grateful we are.

We look forward to engaging with your services again in the near future

Kindest regards

Nicole & Anthony”



“Astor LOVES Helene, when he hears her coming, he starts to howl he gets so excited.”  Alison – and Astor the active Husky, Virginia, North Brisbane


“I love how relaxed and happy the dogs are when we get back, so much better than a dog kennel, and Ollie even lost a few kilos” Amber, Ollie the portly labrador and Barney the active kelpie x, Bald Hills, North Brisbane


“The dog, the cat and the toddler all come running when they hear Helene’s car.  They all love her so much.  If only she did baby sitting!” Simon, Poppy the hyper labrador, Lollie the cuddly black cat and Jack, the excitable toddler, Brighton, North Brisbane


“Helene’s pet care service really helped when we had to travel interstate at short notice.  She was very affordable and helpful.”  Christine and Mimi the cuddly Persian cat, Sandgate, North Brisbane


Need Pet Care in Brisbane North?  Call Helene now on 040 221 3837



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Considering a Cattery in Brisbane?

Considering a Cattery in Brisbane?

What you should know.

Like dog kennels in Brisbane, each cattery will offer its own level of service.  Before deciding to board you cat at a cattery, there are several key things to consider.

Is your cat right for a cattery?

Cats are very territorial and any changes to their territory and routine can be extremely stressful.   If your cat tends towards anxiety, a cattery could prove to be a very damaging experience for her.  Before you commit to boarding her, observe her routine for at least 24 hours, consider how much time she spends with you or with her favourite activities – consider how well the cattery will cater to her routine.

What do cattery fees cover?

Each cattery is different so it’s vitally important to know what your money is buying.  Some catteries don’t provide one on one time with your cat (cuddles, brushing, pats) unless you pay a “per 15 minute” fee.  If your cat is anxious or used to a lot of attention, these fees REALLY add up.  You need to feel sure that your cat is receiving the comforting she needs at this very difficult time.

Will the cattery cater to her diet?

If you’ve got a fussy eater (is there any other kind) make sure the cattery is happy to accommodate her eating habits (fresh meats, cooked food, feeding times etc).  In most cases, basic food (canned and dry) is provided as part of the fees.  If you are providing your own food, ask if your fees will be discounted.  If your cat requires fresh food, ensure that the cattery is happy to comply.

Kitty Health and Hygiene Standards

All catteries require  vaccination certificates but not all check for conditions such as fleas, ticks, fungal and skin disorders.  These are all HIGHLY contagious  and potentially dangerous conditions.  Do a full inspection first.  Determine how often the cages are cleaned, how much contact your cat will have with other cats (remember ticks and fleas jump!) and be sure to ask which treatments will be used in the event of an outbreak.  If your cat isn’t used to budget flea treatments, she could become ill – be sure you know the whole story before checking her in.

Cat cage quality

Your cat will be kept in an enclosure – these vary from a basic cage (1-2 meters across usually) to a decorator suite and the price will be a reflection of that.  When looking for a suitable facility, consider what your cat needs, not what you would like!  It might be nice to see her in a heavily decorated room, but she’s probably more concerned about the size of the litter box.  Be sure that the cage’s facilities are at minimum, comparable with her facilities at home – if it means bringing her favourite pillow along, then do it.  Make sure that your cat has her own enclosure – some catteries resort to “shared accommodation” during peak time – this transition to a small, foreign territory will be hard enough without strangers competing for her meagre space.

Outside time

Many Brisbane catteries allow cats out of their cages to exercise for around 2 hours a day.  If your cat is a little more “free range” ask if you can pay additional fees for extra time.  Ask how many cats will be sharing the outdoors with your cat  - you don’t want to come back to absesses if she’s attacked by an aggressive cat.

How much does a Brisbane cattery cost?

On average a Brisbane cattery will cost you around $20 per day per cat.  If you are boarding multiple kitties, you may be able to secure a small discount.  The dollars do add up – especially if you have more than one kitty in your life.

So… should you board your cat in a Brisbane or Redcliffe cattery?

What can I say, this website is all about pet sitting Redcliffe and Brisbane!   If you have absolutely not other choice, then you do what you have to do.  She’ll forgive you….eventually :)  As a pet sitter, Brisbane pets’  health and wellbeing is my main concern and I have seen far too many cats left with permanent anxiety and separation issues after staying at a cattery. My services mean that your cat can stay at home and get unlimited cuddles and daily or twice daily visits.

If you have no choice but to use a cattery in Brisbane, be sure to choose well.

Need an alternative to a cattery in Brisbane?  Check Helene’s availability on 040 221 38 37 now.


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